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enclosed I: for an audience member who has arrived early to a concert and has nothing preferable to do

enclosed III: piano
David Kalhous, piano

enclosed IV: two piccolos
Andrea Brown and Virginia Crabtree, piccolos

enclosed V: euphonium
Jonathon Kirk, euphonium

enclosed VI: superball and bongos

enclosed VII: guitar
score Steve Chase, guitar

enclosed IX: voice
score Kenn Kumpf, voice

The enclosed series is ongoing, and takes place at what I take to be a point of intersection between the works of composers Alvin Lucier and Michael Pisaro. Simple motions take place within a tightly confined space. The interaction of these ‘made’ sounds with their environment yields complex and unpredictable results. enclosed I and II are restricted in register, III and V in physical space, and IV by intervals between played and sung notes and by types of motion. These pieces are studies for the composer-as-listener and for the performer-as-listener, and an invitation to you as a member of the audience to have your own experience of an unrepeatable event.


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